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Galax, Virginia is a quaint city that boasts plenty of attractions and delightful places to eat that make it a great place to visit and live. Over 7,000 people call Galax home and are proud of the city’s history. No matter what type of fun you are looking for, it’s likely you will find it in this wonderful town.


Blue Ridge Music Center

The Blue Ridge Music Center is home to some of the most talented musicians in Virginia. The United States Congress originally established the center in 1977. Today, it includes an outdoor amphitheater, indoor theater, a free interactive exhibition, and much more. The center also boasts a full history of the region’s music and how it influences today’s music.


Jeff Matthews Memorial Museum

History buffs who pay a visit to the Jeff Matthews Memorial Museum will find their time well spent. The museum features over 10,000 Native American artifacts, a large Kodiak bear, a number of hunting trophies, and a real covered wagon. Thousands upon thousands of items tell the tale of Galax’s history. Visitors can take a tour of real cabins dating back to 1834 and check out one of the first pianos to make it to Galax.


Galax Smokehouse

When it comes time to grab a bite to eat, Galax has plenty of restaurants to choose from! The Galax Smokehouse is a local favorite that services some of the best hush puppies and pulled pork in the state. Barbeque lovers have to stop and try their rib tips!


Creek Bottom Brews

Creek Bottom Brews is another local hotspot known for its delicious wings and lively atmosphere. The city’s only brewery and restaurant, Creek Bottom Brews attracts visitors from surrounding communities, making it one of the most frequented restaurants in Galax and for good reason. For food, fun, service, and a full stomach, pay a visit to Creek Bottom Brews to close out the day.