Best Used Ford Models - Wytheville, VA

Ford models are known for their durable designs and innovative engineering. If you want a vehicle that is truly dependable, check out some of the most popular used Ford models. These include the F-150, Explorer, Escape, Mustang, Fusion, and Taurus. 

Used Ford F-150

Ford F-150

This pickup has been America’s favorite vehicle for several decades. A durable design makes the F-150 especially capable, with up to 10,400 pounds of maximum towing capacity on newer models. Plus, this truck comes with tons of options and body styles, letting you select the model that is right for you. Since 2015, the F-150 has been made with high-strength military-grade aluminum alloy as well, increasing fuel economy, preventing rust, and lowering the overall weight.


Used Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer

This iconic mid-size sport utility vehicle has been around since 1991, switching to a crossover platform in 2011. The Explorer has tons of room for passengers and cargo, as well as a comfortable and quiet ride. Four-wheel drive helps to increase handling in rough terrain and harsh weather, while a max towing capacity of 5,000 pounds lets you haul with ease. Best of all, available EcoBoost technology saves you at the pump without sacrificing power.


Used Ford Escape

Ford Escape

The Escape is Ford’s best known compact crossover, offering all the advantages of an SUV in an urban-friendly design. This model has seating for up to five, as well as a tall ride height for added visibility and clearance. Available four-wheel drive gives you better grip, while a fuel-sipping powertrain ensures great gas mileage.


Used Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

This world-renowned muscle car has been in production since 1965. This model comes with tons of power and style, at a surprisingly affordable price. Since 2009, the Mustang has had LED lighting and a refreshed look, offering improved aerodynamics and athletic styling. The 2015 model year is the first of the sixth-generation designs, offering unparalleled design and performance. This model comes with EcoBoost technology as well as premium trims, including Shelby designs.


Used Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion

Introduced more recently, the Fusion has a sleek modern design, the latest technologies, and durability you can trust. Gas and electric hybrids options are available for those looking to increase fuel economy, while premium options and offered on upper-level trims. The Fusion has been named the North American Car of the Year, the Motor Trend Car of the Year, and the Green Car of the Year since its inception in 2006, demonstrating just how impressive this model really is.


Used Ford Taurus

Ford Taurus

As the most popular sedan of recent decades, the Taurus is recognizable from miles away. The latest generation of Taurus sedans was unveiled in 2016, making for seven unique generations of design. This model is a full-size sedan with plenty of room for passengers and storage, as well as a smooth and luxurious ride. All-wheel drive has been available since 2008, and a powerful engine provides all the performance you could ever want.


Ford offers the best vehicles around. Whether you are looking for off-road capabilities, impressive performance, sleek styling, or fuel-efficient design, you can find what you want at Huff Ford today.